Our strategy

Business goals of the Nova Energija Ltd.:

  • Acquisitions and green-field projects in the production of electricity from solar and wind power
  • Future growth and development of projects of a total of 50 MW and an investment of 700 to 900 million €, with the annual implementation from 50 to 100 MW.
  • The development of high quality energy projects from renewable sources, with an appropriate return on invested through:

    • Realization of the advantages of the sector through the Kyoto Protocol and the European Union’s Directive for renewable energy
    • Searching for a broad expertise for the development of projects and financing

We are a part of a group

Our group:

  • Nova Energija Ltd./Nova Energija Bosnia and Hercegovina
  • Appono d.o.o.
  • Marina Frapa
  • European Wind Farms (EWF)

Nova Energija Ltd.:
Nova EnergijaNova Energija is the owner of 6 projects in Croatia which are prepared since the year 2000 until 2008. From these 6 projects 2 are ready for construction.

Nova Energija Bosnia and Hercegovina:
Start of the project development in Bosina and Hercegovina in some counties in Bosnia and Hercegovina.


Appono Consulting:
ApponoThe Appono team offers to entrepreneurs beginners, small and medium-size enterprises, foreign investors, and units of local self-administration consulting services in three basic fields: financing, marketing and management. For the offer of a complete service which would result in a total success and satisfaction of clients, these fields mutually overlap.
Appono Consulting is the only consulting company in Croatia which offers the procurement of the Unite Nations’ certificates related to air pollution with CO2 and green energy as part of the Kyoto protocol. These certificates are equivalent to money and can be used on the stock market as well as credits in banks.

Marina Frapa:
Marina Frapa“The beauty among the marinas”, “fairest and best marina in the world”, “most awarded Croatian marina” – these are the titles that are trying to describe the marina Frapa, which is situated in Rogoznica.

Marina Frapa is the carrier of the “Golden sailes”, the award for the best Adriatic marina. Marina Frapa has received this award three times in a row: 1999, 2000 and 2001. It also was awarded with the award “Quality for Croatia” in the years 2003, 2004 and 2005. The “Blue Flag” has been given Frapa in 2005.
Frapa works the whole year and offers sailors 300 berths at the sea and 150 on land. Frapa is an authorized service for the world´s most famous brands of marine engines.

European Wind Farms:
EWF, domiciled in Copenhagen is one of the most successful Danish wind farms developers. It develops windparks in 8 European countries in cooperation with approximately 18 local partners. The installed power of new capacity since October 2004 to December 2007 amounts 205 MW.

Where are we present - activities from the year 2000.-2008.

Where are we present - activities from the year 2000.-2008.

Main office of the group – Solin, CroatiaMain office of the group – Solin, Croatia

Solar energy in the development phase – Šestanovac, CroatiaSolar energy in the development phase – Šestanovac, Croatia

Wind farm projects in the development phase – Croatia, Bosnia and HerzegovinaWind farm projects in the development phase – Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina

EWFEWF-develops wind farms in 8 european countries with approx. 18 local partners.

Wind farms in a high construction degree – Germany, Croatia, GreeceWind farms in a high construction degree – Germany, Croatia, Greece


company for production and distribution of electric energy

Miline 132c
22 203 Rogoznica

Tel: +385 (0)22 559 002
Fax: +385 (0)22 559 008

Email: novaenergija@novaenergija.hr


The turbine blades are dangerous for birds

Wind farms are not constructed in areas known as the migration paths of birds.
The biggest danger for birds and their populations are the climate changes.
There are no facts stating that a wind farm has caused any major damaging effect on birds, larger than any building or airport for example.
Scientists that understand the ecology of birds participate in the designing and construction of wind farms.


  • Oton
  • Uništa
  • Kozjak
  • Orlić
  • Šestanovac
  • Vrbnik

  • District Glamoč
  • Union of district of east Hercegovina (Ljubinje, Trebinje, Nevesinje, Gacko, Bileća and Berkovići)
  • District Busovača
  • District Stolac